It's so much fun getting together with family and looking at old (& new) photos. Vintage clothes, the hairstyles, cars, homes, Lake Providence~~we certainly have changed over the years. Do you have an old Polaroid, Kodak 110, 35mm, or digital picture of yourself or a family member? Why not share them with the rest of the family....
Download your jpeg photos into an existing album (see below) or choose 'Any Album' and we can create an album for you. 

Julia Mae & Curly Jr (Bro)
Julia Mae & Curly Jr (Bro)
Parents of 15 children...
Barbara, Wilbert, Brenda, Joyce, Clyde, Elisha, Robert, Clark, Mamie, Georgia, CL & CD, Charles, Faye, & Velinda


Here's  an album to add all your candid and priceless photos. Have fun!

Throwback T-Shirts

This album is dedicated to all the family reunion t-shirts we have designed over the years.  If you a t-shirt from a past reunion, take a photo of it and put it in the album.  Let's see how many we can come up with.

2008 Meet & Greet

Here are photos taken during the Meet & Greet held at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  

Accomadations in the Yazoo Room were graciously arranged by Shaun Thompson & Paula Lucas.

2008 Picnic

Lake Providence,  Louisiana's  Center Against Poverty (better known as the DEED Office) was a cool location to picnic when the weather outside is 100+ degrees.

2008 Banquet

The 2008 Lucas Family Reunion banquet was held at the beautiful Vicksburg Convention Center in downtown Vicksburg, Mississippi.  

2008 Brightest & Best

We are proud to present the Lucas Family "Brightest and Best"
From Preschool to Doctorate, we would like to congradulate our graduates, honor roll students, and those who are 'on-a-roll'*.
*'on-a-roll' ~~students that have strived over the past semester/term to improve their grades:  if you started with a 'C' & now you have a 'B'...if you had a 'D' & you finished with a 'C' are on a roll! 

Ida (circa 1960)

X-Files...The Truth Is Out There

Photos submitted by Tommy Long Jr.
The Chicago gang in LA - Mecca, Claudia, Essie, Paula, & Shaun

Photos from Paula

These photos were submitted by Paula Lucas