Rough Side Of The Mountain

by Lonzo & Joe Lucas


This is a must read!!!

The Lucas history, long buried in misconceptions, is now being revisited, rediscovered and told through the work of Judge Lonzo Lucas and Dr. Joe N. Lucas. This book describes the many diverse challenges of the pioneer Lucases in an accurate and a comprehensive account of oral history. Through live interviews of people who knew the patriarchs, a readable and very moving account of the Lucas clan from slavery to freedom and beyond is told. The authors invite you to visit the past and witness the struggles, the success and the will to succeed of this great Lucas generation as they struggled up the rough side of the mountain to the summit of success. This book chronicles the life and times of the first Lucas to purchase his freedom in 1790 to those of the present age. The 1790 purchase was from John Lucas, whose descendent is George Lucas, the "Star Wars" creator. Enjoy tales of outstanding Lucas dogs that will warm your heart and make you cry at the same time.

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