It's so much fun getting together with family and looking at old (& new) photos. Vintage clothes, the hairstyles, cars, homes, Lake Providence~~we certainly have changed over the years. Do you have an old Polaroid, Kodak 110, 35mm, or digital picture of yourself or a family member? Why not share them with the rest of the family....
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Julia Mae & Curly Jr (Bro)
Julia Mae & Curly Jr (Bro)
Parents of 15 children...
Barbara, Wilbert, Brenda, Joyce, Clyde, Elisha, Robert, Clark, Mamie, Georgia, CL & CD, Charles, Faye, & Velinda
Lawrence Lucas Sr & Zelmia Lucas Family Memories...
Family Reunion 2014...
The Girls...
The Boys...
2012 San Diego Meet & Greet
2012 San Diego Picnic
2012 San Diego Church/Banquet
2010 Meet & Greet (Fish Fry)
Aunt Ruby & Aunt Victoria enjoying seeing our family
2010 Picnic
Shiloh Park in Zion, Illinois
Anthony Threats (Uncle Tony)
Aunt Mel
Aunt Cat
2010 Banquet
Our hotel hosts....Ramada Inn
2010 Photos From Around Town
Reese & Jaden enjoying Navy Pier
Throwback T-Shirts
2008 Meet & Greet

Here are photos taken during the Meet & Greet held at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  

Accomadations in the Yazoo Room were graciously arranged by Shaun Thompson & Paula Lucas. 

2008 Picnic

Lake Providence,  Louisiana's  Center Against Poverty (better known as the DEED Office) was a cool location to picnic when the weather outside is 100+ degrees. 

2008 Banquet
2008 Brightest & Best
Denashia Thornton(C.L.Lucas granddaughter)Deontrey Pope(Tray)daughter
Sample Album
Brothers & Sisters
The Beautiful Seven
Aug.2007 Westland, MI Bernice, Ida, Janice, Ruby, Victoria, & Jaden
Aunt Vic
East Coast/West Coast Cousins
Vicksburg 2000--See if you can find them at the 2008 reunion!
Wade In The Water
Lake Providence
Profit Family
more profit family photos
Curly Lucas Jr's Family
X-Files...The Truth Is Out There
Davis & Jones Family Album
Davis Family Christmas 2007 (Floyd, Mel, Darrell, Andra, Dennis & Denise)
Davis Family Christmas 2007 w/all Grandchildren (Kanisha, Dennis, Brandon, Bryan & Desire)
Jones Family Cruise 2007 (Joe, Denise, Brandon & Bryan)
Floyd & Mels surprise 50th Anniversary (Floyd entering room)
Mel & Condee
Paula & Denise at 2006 reunion
Virginia Threats (Archie Threats wife) and Sonja Wiley (Verna Jean Wileys daughter).
Photos from Paula
Threats Family Photos